It’s been a crazy couple of months full of home remodeling, furniture refinishing, a family wedding and two graduations coming up way too soon!  When oh when do we get time to smell the proverbial roses?  Though it’s been super crazy busy I somehow  managed to squeak in a peek at Gray Line Linen in New York during one of our wedding fitting trips.

grey-line-linen-1I really love this stripe, it has such a homespun feel to it.  I’d love a squishy soft pillow or even a bed skirt in this one.

grey-line-linen-2Fun, fun, fun!  Loving the bold colors in these oversize prints.  But you know I’m a natural, organic kind of girl so the more subdued prints on the right really appeal too.  See all those whites on the bottom – you really have your pick if it’s white you’re after.

grey-line-linen-3Oh and the metallic weaves were AWESOME.  I’m seeing a roman shade in my future.

grey-line-linen-4More prints in neutrals.  Some more modern like the smidge you see at the bottom of the picture and some more ethnic and traditional.  I’d love any of these in my bedroom.

grey-line-linen-5These pintucks are amazingly cool!!!!   I’d love one of the above prints as panels with a pintuck roman in between.  According to the site these are open-weave pleats.  Very affordable at $22 per yard.

grey-line-linen-6If you haven’t been to the garment district around 39th Street you must plan a day.

I came home with a few yards of their “Mary” linen at only $10 a yard.  It’ll be perfect to sew up a few cross back aprons.

jumper b


I’m on a pillow streak and having a ton of fun coming up with fun pillows.  There are so many possibilities to play with though I think I’ll have to keep the Bob Dylan pillow for myself due to that little thing called copyright.

pillows-fencingMy sewing machine was zipping along all day yesterday as the snow gently fell outside.  I haven’t been doing much sewing since closing my drapery workroom and guess I was really just burnt out.  It’s a  different thing when you’re in full production mode sewing large complicated treatments.


They all have envelope backs for inserting an 18″ pillow form which run about $9 for a basic poly form.


HA! I love this one.  Not sure a real high-brow intellectual would like it but it’s the perfect gift for your average suburban recreational armchair intellectual.


I’m also digging horses lately and love this group of girls.


These dudes on pinstripe suiting are also quite charming.   These pillows are silly and all about fun.  Nothing serious here.


I’m also going to sew up a few linen pinafore jumpers to bring along to Yellow Finch today.

jumper b

I had the pleasure of manning the Yellow Finch Booth at the Stangl Factory Second Sunday Antiques and Collectibles show in Flemington, NJ on February 8th.  I’m pretty new to the antiques business and only recently started selling as one of the vendors at Yellow Finch.  In fact I had completely forgotten that we were doing the show, Yikes!

Nevertheless, we did somehow manage to pull together a fun booth complete with hanging lights.  Despite all the work loading and unloading it really was a ton of fun and a good kind of satisfied tired.

The little caned bench went home with a nice young family to use in their mud room.  Can you imagine they squeezed that thing into a Prius.

We didn’t have time to go over the top with small items and focused on a few bits and bobs like old tools, mason jars, rugs, and artwork.

We also grabbed some of the great artisan soy candles handmade for Yellow Finch.  I just recently tried one with a wooden wick and love they way it burns in such an even dependable way.

We also brought along some vintage boxes.

Great artwork  rebus puzzles (thank goodness for Google!)

I have officially dubbed us the “Yellow Finch Gang” and think we should all get little tiny finch tattoos.

Love this industrial desk.  The reclaimed barn wood is so yummy and I can’t help myself from running my hands across the top every time I’m in the store.

If you’re in the Flemington, NJ area be sure to stop in at Yellow Finch Antiques at 78 Main Street.  As always Jim will be spinning some great tunes for your browsing and listening enjoyment.  We’ve got lot’s of outrageously cool stuff!

Flemington Antiques, consignment, books rack card_Page_2

While you’re at it browse our family of vintage, antique, and consignment stores in town!

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I think it’s safe to say we’re all tired of the snow.  The birds outside are eating me out of house and home and now every other forest creature has discovered their source – Moi!

rustic pillows

I guess I should be thankful that the snowy days have given me a little time for some fun home arts.

I’m enjoying making these rustic pillows on linen and denim.

pillow 1

I just love the frayed edges.  Head on over to the blog “Confessions of a Plate Addict” for the great typewriter graphic and a step by step pillow tutorial.

C’est Magnifique!

chair top

I’m also working on the great carved chairs with super soft wool plaid.


Still gotta make the double welt and tweak my staples.  There are two of these beauties with wonderful, stand up straight lines!

Phil the groundhog

Why Phil Why???

I’m really loving this wonderful, yummy Cocoa color for, well….just about EVERYTHING.  In fact I seem to be stuck in a wonderful wintry palette and don’t want to leave.


I’ve painted several pieces in this warm griege shade and don’t see any point in stopping.  Just like case goods in warm natural woods these pieces create a consistent neutral backdrop for anything you put around them.  Look how nicely it goes with this lovely stone wall outside the store.   There are two of these camp style coco beds in the store, complete with headboard, footboard, and rails.

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This room’s stone fireplace and wonderful beams set the tone for a cozy wintry mix.

It’s a magical palette of warmth, cool, ice and fire.chair-top

I’ve also got a set of carved chairs in the works that will be upholstered in a super soft wool plaid.


Can’t wait to sand them down and finish up with a nice brown glaze .

winter's palette 5

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The color worked wonders on this sorry old dresser.  It has nice deep drawers but was such a mess in a sad dreary yellow green.


A little cocoa paint and some spiffy new hardware and you’ve got a slick new piece.   A client once told me she saw a color that was so good it made her want to lick the wall.   I think of that every time I find the perfect shade and it always makes me laugh.


 This shade is certainly pure YUM.

winter's palette 8


winter's palette 0

tumblr birds

winter's palette 6


I really like this functional, neutral, spiffy dresser and think it would look great in the toile bedroom above.

dresser and chair

Tumblr bird gif

Hope you’re enjoying Winter’s Palette as much as I am…