Empire Game Table and the Countdown to Downton

Whew, the holiday whirlwind has passed!  The countdown to Christmas has ended and so a new one begins.  With 2015 and a new season of Downton Abbey about to start I thought it fitting to recreate this Victorian Empire Game Table.   This is an in-between picture on it’s way into 2015. These gaming tables were designed to … Continue Reading

Horsin’ Around with Wood Icing

These crummy iphone pics don’t really show well.  I had a fun time trying out Wood Icing on a fun little horse art project.  The frame is the back of an old victorian chair.  I’d been wanting to try out my new Wood Icing to make an artwork and decide to use it for a textured … Continue Reading

For the love of Wood Lath

So here it is the humble bundle of imperfect wood lath.  You can get this stuff from your local Lowes, Home Depot, or lumberyard.  If you’re lucky you can get some really awesome reclaimed wood lath from somewhere really cool, like Brooklyn or anywhere USA where they’ve done a rip out or knock down.  I … Continue Reading

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

What is it, why do the days seem to fly by so quickly.  Do you REALIZE there are only FOUR more Fridays till Christmas?   I haven’t even started my shopping.   Not to mention my two birthdays are coming up.  My husband says it’s quite a scam I’ve developed but it’s really not my fault. … Continue Reading