Empire-Table-topWhew, the holiday whirlwind has passed!  The countdown to Christmas has ended and so a new one begins.  With 2015 and a new season of Downton Abbey about to start I thought it fitting to recreate this Victorian Empire Game Table.   This is an in-between picture on it’s way into 2015.

swivel empire table ruby laneThese gaming tables were designed to swivel and fold out when not tucked into a corner or entry.   Ingenious!  This lovely antique shows how the top swivels and folds out.   It’ quite a clever  idea for small spaces and occasional use tables.

antique game table topvia A Garden for the House   You must read Kevin’s delightful post and lovely picture of a fireside gaming table meal.

The inside compartment has a secret hiding spot for cards, dice, or anything else you might want to stash away.

Empire-table-redoneThe poor table I found was so busted up and not swiveling at all.  Time to recreate and modernize this baby.  I put on my clever cap and decided to bring it into the 21st century as a flat screen tv stand.

Empire-table-base-legsFor me the best part of this table is the elegant and curvy base.  It’s quite modern looking, don’t you think?

Empire-table-legsA mocha gray finish updates the look in a refined way.  Hmmm, stuck in the past or reaching towards the future.  Sounds like Downton drama to me!



Seven more days to Downton, ahhh but who’s counting…..


horse-wood-icingThese crummy iphone pics don’t really show well.  I had a fun time trying out Wood Icing on a fun little horse art project.  The frame is the back of an old victorian chair.

wood icing I’d been wanting to try out my new Wood Icing to make an artwork and decide to use it for a textured backdrop for a horse transfer.

horse-wood-icing-projectI also added some paint highlights to the horses, glazed it a bit and added some nailheads.

Can’t wait to try more Wood Icing projects!


bundle of wood lathSo here it is the humble bundle of imperfect wood lath.  You can get this stuff from your local Lowes, Home Depot, or lumberyard.  If you’re lucky you can get some really awesome reclaimed wood lath from somewhere really cool, like Brooklyn or anywhere USA where they’ve done a rip out or knock down.  I never knew how AWESOME this stuff was until I saw the work of Jim Collier at Yellow Finch Antiques.  He makes so tres cool stuff from the really good stuff of course.  The aged, yellowed, tattered, stained torn out Brooklyn stuff.

reclaimed wood lathYou can make art out of it.   This one’s from ETSY and it could be yours!

Arielle AlaskoHow about the brilliant work of Ariele Alasko.  You must check out her website.  She is sooooo living the life I’d love.  A workshop, a pile of wood, a bunch of chisels!  Admiration with a CAPITAL A!

wood lath tablesThese tables are really cute via Pinterest (don’t know who made them).

designspongevia Design Sponge

wood lath headboardvia Wrafterbuilt.com


via DesignSkool.net

slat-tableThis is one of Jim’s tables where I got my initial inspiration.  Then I made the bench which I la la loved!

bench-with-lathThis is my new medium, wood lath!  Ok, well maybe this and spackle.  I just love spackle.  I’m 1/2 Italian and I’m convinced it’s in my blood.

Round-wood-lath-tableAnyway, I had the opportunity to fix up this cool little table that had a cracked marble top.  Don’t you just love the brass scalloped edging?  This is the thing about Vintage with a Capital V that I love.  This is the thing that makes a room special.  Sorry , it’s a vibe that’s just not available anywhere else.

wood-lath-table-3I’m crazy about it.  It’s so raw and organic and different and fun and interesting and AWESOME.


wood-lath-table-6You can tell I love it due to the numerous weird angled shots.

Wood Lath – I Love You.

 I will seek you out and keep my eyes open for great old scraps to be rescued.  I promise I won’t walk by leaving you unnoticed and I won’t turn up my nose because you’re a little dusty and crusty.  I will bundle you up in my arms and whisk you away to new spaces and places!  SWAK


Small Things

What is it, why do the days seem to fly by so quickly.  Do you REALIZE there are only FOUR more Fridays till Christmas?   I haven’t even started my shopping.   Not to mention my two birthdays are coming up.  My husband says it’s quite a scam I’ve developed but it’s really not my fault.

yellow-finch-windowIt’s nice to see a couple of my pieces in the window at Yellow Finch.  I still love the little blue bombe chest.  The hardware alone is so fabulous.  I often hear that Home Goods makes it difficult to stay in this business, but I think there’s room for everyone.  Who doesn’t love Home Goods? Heck I love poking around as much as the next person.

Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Crate and Barrel – Love them all!

blue-bombeI don’t know about you but I don’t want my home to look like it stepped right out of the pages of a catalog.  How boring life would be if we all lived in the same cookie cutter boxes.  For me the best rooms and homes are those filled with unique personality and charm.  That’s where vintage comes in.  I could wax poetic about all the virtues of older well-built furniture, really I could.   Vintage pieces provide the kind of charm and unique look that you just can’t get from imports.    So sprinkle them in and pair them up with new and old pieces from your travels.

tiered-tableI’m loving this tiered table in the works.  There’s another little table with a handle that nests right in.  How cool is that – It’s downright pagoda-ish.  Not sure how old it is, but I don’t think you’ll find this anywhere these days.  It’s probably a 1980’s piece from somewhere like Bombay Company.  Remember Bombay?  It reminds me of an Oomph table.  Nice clean lines.

winter-whitesHere’s the other side window at Yellow Finch.  Winter Whites, Silver, and Grey.  Anyway, back to my two birthdays.  So I spent nearly my entire life celebrating my birthday on December 12th.  Both of my parents would tell the story of how I came into this world on the twelfth day of the twelfth month at twelve midnight.

In fact, for most of my childhood I thought my hidden potential of magical powers would one day reveal itself.  I’d stare into mirrors, gaze into the cat’s eyes, wriggle my nose, position my arms like I Dream of Jeannie.  Nothin’


I love these sparkly vintage wreath ornaments.  Anyway, back to the magic….I’m still waiting for it and I sure would like to have some special zapping powers these days.  Hmmm, maybe there’s a reason I didn’t get  that kind of power.

 As it turns out and as I grew older I eventually came into possession of my birth certificate.  Not only is my birthday not listed as the twelfth day of the twelfth month, this document is also missing my middle name!  What the Heck!!

Vintage-treeTalk about confusing,  talk about an identity crisis! My husband is still unsure about which day is my REAL birthday and whether or not I have an initial.   There is however an upside to all this subterfuge.  There’s a beauty or should I say MAGIC in it all.

It’s quite clear I’ve been blessed with two birthdays which I have been able to cleverly expand into an entire birthday week.  Darling would you please get me a glass of water…you know it IS my birthday week.  Honey would you please….

The poor guy is so confused all he can do is happily comply.  Hey a girl’s gotta work it, right?

magicI hope you enjoy your holiday shopping and have a chance to pop in to Yellow Finch.  I can assure you’ll find something special, unique and magical.  Plus Jim is always spinning the best playlist around.

Here’s to searching for Magic amidst all the hustle and bustle.

Yellow Finch Antiques