audobonI’ve been coming across some beautiful old walnut frames lately.  At least I think they’re walnut?  They look so yummy with Audubon prints like these wise yet sweet owls.

vintage-booth  I love them paired with the little flying fox table that just sold.  What a nice, natural look in a nursery or playroom.  Reminds me of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

fantastic_mr_fox_000Wonder if George Clooney’s new bride Amal loves Mr. Fox as much as I do?


I love a nice narrow frame and always keep my eyes open for them, both old and new versions.  Michael’s Arts & Crafts and similar stores have a pretty good selection but you just never see the skinny ones.

skinny-framesThere’s something so classic and delicate about them and they look terrific in a grouping.  Love the gold detailing on this set.

industrial-lampCheck out this industrial style lamp made by a local artist I recently met.  This one sooooo has my name on it – It is FABULOUS!

spencerIt’s got a nifty outlet for plugging in your phone and such.  Spencer makes these lamps out of all of kinds of parts including car transmissions.  Very cool Indeed.

vintage-wall-chartsThese are not in my booth but are for sale in Yellow Finch.  Love that they’re frayed and disheveled.  All of these things go together, don’t ya think?  That’s a room right there…..just add a few chairs, a sofa, maybe a soft leather chair.

slat-tableJim Collier also sells at Yellow Finch and previously had a shop in Brooklyn.  He made this column table with wall lath he got from a friend.  How cool is that.  Gosh I’m not nearly as cool as Jim.

frame-slatsLook what else he does with lath.  Our imaginary room is shaping up pretty nicely.

groupI spent the day yesterday painting and repairing a few new things for the booth.  The chairs will get a wash and linen seat, and I’ll bet they’ll look downright Swedish when they’re done.  YUUUUUMMM.   There’s really nothing better than a dulled down white with a little distress and wax.  It creates such a nice neutral backdrop and doesn’t look babyish like some shabby chic whites.  I try to keep S-W-E-D-I-S-H in mind for my whites.

bench-slatsOh well, though I’m not as cool as Jim I do know a good thing when I see it.  I just had to try/STEAL his idea for this little bench.  Can’t wait to add the stain and a little trim to it.  Hmmm, it’s a little too girly to call it the Jim bench.  Maybe the Collier Bench.  Yes, that’s the ticket!

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