Finally something to do with those old neckties.  I’ve been hanging on to a bunch of old neckties thinking I might finally get around to making something.


The bow part came from the widest part of the tie.  I just cut a rectangle and used fabric glue to turn under the seams and set with the iron.  The skinniest part of the tie became the collar.  A little more glue, a little velcro and that’s it.


I hand tacked the bow and stitched it to the collar.


Ready for Santa Paws!

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I made collar covers form my dogs this season but they were pretty much a flop. Your creation turned out wonderfully and you pup looks so festive. Great job and thanks for sharing.


OMG!!! I love it! What an adorable idea. He looks so elegant! 😉

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He’s a nut but yes he actually does look elegant! Thanks for stopping by and for the invite. I’ll be sure to stop over!

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