You can’t tell me furniture doesn’t have a soul, well vintage and handmade furniture anyway…


I like to think the person who carved this chair put a little bit of magic into its creation.  Just imagine the labor of love required to make a carving like this.


 It’s a beautiful thing that you just can’t find in factory made furniture.  In fact pieces like this are getting harder and harder to find and you don’t stumble upon them every day.Autumn Woods Salad Bowl

My cousin makes handcrafted turned wood bowls and I can tell you he puts his heart and soul into every turn.

wood carving deviant artYou can’t fake fine craftsmanship.

rustic room blue

I really love a cozy eclectic look with a statement piece like this chair sprinkled in here and there.  These wood beauties, the bowl and the chair, would be quite happy in a room like this.


 via as cosy as can be tumblr

Perhaps pull our chair up and take a seat next to these guys.


Warning – Nerd Alert!  It’s a Lord of the Rings chair for Arwen daughter of Elrond.  I suspect she might enjoy an elvish drink in front of the fire in this chair.  We are definitely a Lord of the Rings Family (though my son wishes to be excluded from this statement).  It’s a movie that’s always good for a lazy, rainy Sunday watch.

In fact when I’m feeling low I play this little speech.  I love it when Aragorn says….I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me!  …a day may come  when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, (HA-take that!) but it is not this day

…by all that you hold dear on this good earth I bid you stand Men of the West!  Phew and HA – ok I’m done…

rustic and refined valentine streeetBack to the amazing chair….It’s rustic and refined like classic black pumps.


I’d style it with crusty loaves of bread and a warm cozy fire.

fire gif

as cosy as can be fall It’s the perfect autumn chair.


While I was in the mood I gilded some skinny vintage frames that also style along quite well.

audubon-prints-2 A little burlap and Audubon prints for classic perfection.


as cosy as can be dogMore Styling mates….

eclectic roomvia The Selby


A little tweed and a messenger bag would also complement our scene.


accent pieceHow about as a wonderful addition to a masculine dark navy room.

via this old houseor happily at home to serve as a hall chair supreme!


Gosh I love this chair!

It’s on its way to Yellow Finch today but I promise you this, I won’t cry if it isn’t adopted.



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