camera awesome photo 5I’ve been super busy getting ready to launch my new shop!   I haven’t quite figured out all the details yet and not sure if it will be an online shop, a booth, or a table at one of the local flea markets.  All I do know for sure is that I have to do something creative and that since the closing of my window treatment business I’ve been struggling to find a niche.


My inventory has grown and now it’s time to start refurbishing for the launch.  I have about ten chairs to re-do and other assorted goodies.


During my travels I’ve found some interesting art pieces.

 This printed panel is so very Paris Flea!  I even like the frame.


This lot of black and white photography would make a wonderful grouping.  Though it’s difficult to see there are some great shots in here.  They’re vintage 60’s prints that were gallery mounted, numbered and exhibited at some point.

I love things with a history.  I’m told they were part of an estate of an art professor at Columbia.  I would love to find them a good home.

I’ll be selling these as a lot.   They’d have a lot of impact together over a sofa.

meredith heron

via Meredith Heron Design

I can see them in an assortment like this with other black and white sketches.

They’d be awesome.


On to the chairs…

 This Lincoln rocker really caught my eye. Hey, who doesn’t love a good rocker tucked into the corner?  The lines are quite lovely and even a bit modern with those curvy arms.

Do you see those velvet yellow chairs in the background?

 Well let me tell you, they are the most comfortable chairs ever.

For the rocker I’m thinking a grey, waxed finish with a simple linen or maybe a soft faded print.

My goal is to make my re-dos affordable.

Premier Prints is one source that has many options that are both gorgeous and budget friendly.  We like that – budget friendly!

netherlands kelp



This fabric could be a lot of fun, or how about a men’s suiting stripe or plaid.  Since the rocker is so curvy it might be fun to choose a masculine or modern fabric.  I can see this in a similar finish to the ticking chair or even a glossy white, hmmm.

victorian chair

Look at this lovely little chair.  You just don’t see this kind of workmanship anymore.

vic chair 2

vic chair 3

The back is kind of neat too.  Did I say neat?

1st dibs chair

 There’s so much going on with this chair and it looks heavy and dark like so many pieces of Victorian furniture.

  I can really see it lightened up like this chair from 1st Dibs.

A nice wash and a plain linen would freshen her up nicely.

garage shot

This is just a small sample of my inventory.  It really spiffs up my garage workshop, don’t ya think?

Time to get started, so much to do!

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Cool finds! love those fabrics too 🙂


Hi Anne,
I simply cannot wait to get started! You gotta love Premier Prints.

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