I live in a little house by the woods…..
Sometimes the woods can swallow you up

 and sometimes the woods can fill you up


The profusion of spring

My goal this year is to plant something other than a Lacrosse net on this side of the yard!

Just planted this Tradescantia, supposedly not favored by deer

I moved the sign outside and I like it much better here 

My mixed media finds a home and gives some color
 to my brown abode
The tall lantern was a steal at homegoods for $12.99 on clearance

Last year the front of the deck got a facelift with some new stepping stones

 When this guy’s got to go first thing in the morning they come in handy for bare feet
 no shoes required

I love being able to get

anywhere I need to go without shoes

 Hopping to the lawn, the driveway, or the grill

 I built this table from scrap and this year scored these two teak beauties for $10 at a garage sale

I also built this serving table from scrap
It’s a great place for potting too…
 This Sunday I’m married to this man for 23 years

Sorry for the fuzzy picture but I just really dig those shoes!!

See that bare spot in the middle?
 I’ve told him I’d like to plant a tree in honor of our years together and have
 a symbolic ceremony of burying the hills and valleys of  our marriage down in the dirt with the roots…

our future years growing upward toward the trees ….

Awe, that man just thinks I’m crazy….

Tell ya what, we’re either doing that or finally completing my Garden Piano Sculpture element – Oh what a doorbell it will be!
If I was a wealthy woman beyond measure I certainly would not be having this much fun!

There are so many great garden blogs (added some to my sidebar) and so many great diy opportunities in the yard!

Go read Tara Dillard to learn about vanishing threshold….blur the lines between inside and out….

I leave you with a little moss and a song…


eclectically vintage

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You have the perfect mix of cultivated and natural in your yard! Love it. ~ Maureen


Oh what a nice complement Maureen! I’m a new gardener and just love learning all about the plants. Unfortunately, we are plagued with an abundance of deer so my choices are limite. I’ve recently discovered planting native plants. Gotta love those garden bloggers!


Love all your fun elements – like the buddha head and Open sign! Great job on your scrap wood building projects (and your $10 garage sale chairs)!

Are those pieces of wood as stepping “stones” – they are fabulous!!

Love your garden – and your idea to plant a tree with your hubs! You guys were (are) too cute (do you still have those shoes)!

So glad you joined our Outdoors party.


Kelly, ha, I only wish I had those shoes. I seriously loved them and that purse! Those things that look like wood are cast pieces from a local garden center. I’ve had them for years and wish I could find more, though I guess I have enough!


First, happy, happy Anniversary!! And what a wonderful outdoor space. No shoes required, those are my favorite spaces. 🙂 Thank you so much for linking up to our party!


What a gorgeous lot you have, Maryann! Such a clever and romantic idea for the tree ~ Happy Anniversary!


And early Happy Anniversary! 23 years is amazing! And thanks for sharing your beautiful yard with us … complete with no shoes needed stepping stones …

And adore your mixed media art!

… and so very happy you shared with us all at our Great Outdoors link party!




Oh thank you so much! We had a big night last night at the movies, livin on the edge… I’d much rather plant a tree anyway!

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