I’ve been in a funk.  Seems like every time I try to move forward something gets in my way.  Lately my life has been like one hellish game of Mario Bros.
uh, oh distraction alert…Love that round table with skirt.  That would be an easy DIY. 
Anyway, I did somehow manage to build my bedside tables and play with headboard shapes.

   I also got a great furry throw at TJ Max.  It’s amazing how the $$ add up so quickly.  Can’t wait to pick up some drum shades for those lamps, ka ching!

decisions, decisions…
hmmm food or shades??
eh, I could stand to lose a few pounds, shades it is!

I tend to overthink these things.  I really want to make the right decision before doing all that headboard work. 
 I love the shape of this but would it remind me of this guy every time I walked in the room?

I don’t care what happens, what gets in my way,
I’m bumbling forward, I’m forcing myself to push through and
 cut my headboard this weekend!

I’m so torn between sweet soft neutrals and bright fun fabrics.
Lovin’ this great bright bird fabric

I’m liking my devil may care drapes all droopy and full. 
 I still need to sew the rings to the drapes
which will reduce the puddle an inch.  By the time I remove the carpet they’ll break nicely on the floor.
On the XMAS front, my decorating is almost done.
Hurricane Sandy provided me with lots of free greens
 for swags and such.  My neighbors thought I was crazy stomping around in the woods.

All that and Christmas shopping, yikes! 
Lots going on, just the way I like it!
Ladies, start your engines…

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