brass-copper-serving cart

I’ve been very busy gathering wonderful items for my shop.  hmmm,  shoppe, shop, store, salvage yard?

It’s been so much fun and also extremely moving to find so many wonderful old once loved treasures.  It feels right with the world that someone should love these items again.  They just feel good.  This old dessert, bar, or tea cart has the best aged, warm copper and brass.   I think it makes a great little side table don’t you?

brass-serving-cartIt’s fun to play around with these things and give them a spin around the house.

trunksI was fortunate enough to stumble upon some amazing little trunks and suitcases.  I’m ready for my voyage dear.

trunk-smallSo cool, rustic, tattered and worn.  I bet they could tell a nice little story or two.

suitcase-inside-outsideThis one says it’s from Nice, France.  I’m so in love with the crackle.  Filled with old correspondence in French.   I spent the evening last night reading the most lovely old letters.  Technology has certainly changed the way we communicate.


My darling Pat,  I just received your letter.  Honey-Lamb really so happy at the thought of the lovely days we passed together, it has been heaven, you mean so much to me Pat, you are all my life….

Well, last sunday at this very hour, we were happily reunited and walking through the lovely park of the Wanaque Dam.  Wasn’t it simply wonderful up there?  What a grand view we had of the valley of Midvale.  But everything was lovelier to me by the fact that you were beside me Honey.  With you Pat, life is a paradise, without you, it is at times unbearable; the hours and days just do not seem to run along.  Too bad that you cannot be here tomorrow Pat, tomorrow is a great date for both of us, it is the anniversary of our yacht party, who would have thought then, as I pointed out to you the most known Riviera naturals beauties, that you would become my fiance’?  The one and only of my life!  Oh! Darling, at times life has wonderful surprises for you….


It just goes on and on, books of lovely sentiment.  My heart wrenches and smiles.   The immediacy of life just jumps off the pages.  The fact that people had to write letters seems to lend itself more readily to expressing one’s feeling. Such intimacy is so very beautiful.    I immediately told my husband he better step up his game!  Ya know what he said?  He said I’d better step up mine.


Back to the tangible objects.  After reading those letters it feels ok to love these charming old lamps and artwork!

ship-paintingI love the crashing waves in this little ship painting.   I wonder if a little boy way back when had day dreams of great sea expeditions and adventures.  I remember my brother’s room had cafe curtains with fabric depicting tall ships and nautical maps.  Seems like kids are too grown up for sea adventures these days.  There’s something to be said for good old fashioned boredom and daydreaming.

french school booksDans l’amour

Don’t even get me started on the French letters.  I’ll have to ask my darling girl to translate them for me.  I swear the sweetness of these old schoolbooks permeates my senses even without the translation.


Each one a little treasure

french-books french-schoolbook-opensuch meticulous handwriting…


 I’m not sure if this old painting is original or whether it’s been touched up.  It’s so wonderfully shabby and just glows.

mirror-goldI have such a hard time capturing the beauty of these old treasures.


Ruins in the grass.

golden-mirror mirror-golden-inside

blue-little-lampI may just a tad bit tooo crazy about the blue in this lamp.  This color makes me quite happy.

geishaand this geisha statue may have to be squirrled away.  It’s dated 1961 Japan and has a spot for a little light bulb.  I’ll have to steal a little light from one of my Christmas houses.    I can’t wait to see her all lit up!


little-oilI’m considering doing a little giveaway on this sweet little oil painting just to give my shoppe a little jumpstart.

oil-painting-1949There’s so much to do.

Furniture to paint, upholster, revive, Hooray!

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I’m DEFINITELY not too old for sea adventures!

Beautiful things. Can’t wait to get started on those notebooks.


Hi Sweetie, I’m not too old for dreaming of sea adventures either! What fun, the high seas and dangerous daydreams.

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