I’ve tried so many waxes, glazes, and poly’s and so far the wipe on poly has been my favorite.  I like wax but not for wood tops in the kitchen.   I have finally found the easiest, most wonderful matte topcoat!  I defy you to find a brush mark.  I keep looking, but nope none in sight.

table 8I was scouring the woodworkers forums one day.  I know, crazy as it sounds that’s what I do in my spare time (but in my defense only when I’m too tired to strip furniture or take a walk).

Varathan topcoatIt must have a self-leveling agent in it because I swear this stuff is goof proof.  No brush marks!  If that wasn’t awesome enough, much to my surprise it says to use a synthetic brush to apply.  Woo hoo no fancy tools needed.  I have a nice, expensive brush in my toolkit but it’s nice to know you can use something inexpensive.

Table 2I applied 6 coats of finish, applying 2 per day until I was done.  After each two coats I sanded lightly before applying the next two coats.no-brush-marks

I used a dark walnut stain to tone down some of the cherry wood.  Truth be told I’d love to paint my kitchen cabinets a nice grey but that’s going to take some finesse in the husband department.

Table 7If all these attributes were not enough!, this stuff is super economical at $50 for a whole gallon.   No Brush Marks, easy stress free application, did I say it has no smelly SMELL, and to top it all off!!!!!  available at your local Lowes Store!


According to the forum you must be sure to buy the one that says “contains Aluminum Oxide”.  I finished mine in the garage with plenty of ventilation just to be safe.  I was too lazy to google Aluminum Oxide.

If you’ve been fearful of topcoats I would give this one a try.

It drys pretty quick as you’re applying it so don’t rework your passes with the brush.  I used a 4 inch wide brush and did two rows at a time starting in the middle working fast and smoothing in long strokes.

I have found it!

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