of a chair, that is….

victorian chair

So….I know I said I was going to start on something easy in my newly cleaned and organized garage but…I lied.

I really did intend to take it easy and smell the roses for a bit

Because I deserve it!

Chair 1

but the world just got the best of me and I was feeling like a tear down.  Don’t you just love a good demo?


I figure I’ll do this chair in stages because my radar is telling me there’s probably a gazillion tacks in there holding everything together.    I am right, there are a lot of little tacks to pull.


but then I found straw??? They used straw as filler and….

they used this weird stuff that at first glance looked like hair, eeewweeee!!!

I really thought it was hair.

I know from watching Antiques Roadshow that the victorians did some weird stuff with hair.

I mean it was not out of the realm of possibility that they’d use hair as filler.  At this point I was totally skeeved, rubber gloves and all.

chair 9

A google search leads me to believe this is coir fiber and the straw is dried grass.  Oh well, at least it’s not hair of one sort or another.

chair anatomy

This is where I left it, wondering if I should be saving the needlepoint fragments.

I could maybe mount them in a modern white frame.   I guess I’ll save them.

framed pre columbian textile fragment 1st dibs

The fragments could be great juxtaposed in a modern room.  I don’t happen to have such a room but I can picture it looking pretty great.

ballard linen

Forging ahead I picked up 3 yards of Ballard Danish Linen in Oatmeal on ebay for $30.

That allows 1 yard for cording, 1 for the seat, and 1 for the back, and a little leftover.


Next step is to remove all the dusty old squeaky, lumpy springs.  Then I’ll add a wood base for the seat and foam it up.

 After that maybe a poofy down cushion with cording and  little ties?

via 1st dibs
via 1st dibs

I know this chair is completely different in style but If I pursue this aesthetic I think It’ll be quite pretty with all the victorian carving.

A conversation piece and a pretty little funky parlour chair.

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