We were so lucky to be mostly spared my Hurricane Sandy.  One big tree came down and almost hit our cars!

We moved one car into the street which would have been totalled if we didn’t.  That tree snapped our cemented basketball hoop just like a twig. Too bad there’s so much of my project junk in the garage, we can’t even pull the dang cars in. 
 The number of downed giant old trees in the woods is astounding.  Yet, we are so lucky compared to the Jersey Shore, Long Island, and Staten Island.  I am so sad for all the loss of life and home.

We are really so very grateful and lucky to be safe and warm.
We even managed to have some fun.  My sister-in-laws family and my mother-in-law had no power for seven days so eveyone came here.   We watched movies, made great food, and drank good wine.   
A bonus for me, Susie and I quickly got busy tackling some of the projects on my list!

We got rid of our boredom and our angst by beating up this armoire.  We used saws and nails and crazy paint techniques. 
What fun!

At this point we were wondering if it was going to work out.  Welcome to the fun house.  I promise you we weren’t yet drinking the wine.  It was comical and we laughed so hard.  You know that good, silly kind of laughter that is usually created by unique circumstances.

I scoured the basement for cans of paint.  First we painted, distressed some more, then glazed. 
I added some grout to the paint to make it nice and thick

We really glopped that paint on…

A few simple knobs from Lowes topped it off

I think I’ll be adding some more glaze to darken it up a bit.  You can use any kind of faux finish glaze.  I like to add Liquitex Basics in Raw Umber to tint the glaze.  It’s a nice greyish brown, perfecto!
We also painted the room Shaker Beige.  I always had something against Shaker Beige.  I don’t really know why.   It can seem pink, or grey sometimes and I did notice that the type of lightbulbs you use can bring out the pinkish cast.
A quick change of bulbs is all it needed.
   I really do love it.  It’s quite neutral.

I can’t wait to rip that rug up!  woo hoo, can’t wait till my guys leave town.  I don’t like skeptical eyes watching my shenanigans

On top of that my office has been without power for two weeks now.   I was able to work on my window treatments as well.  I finished up the box pleat valance.   I used blackout on the valance but not the panels.  I’m not too happy about the golden glow so I’ll be taking them down, removing the regular lining and adding the blackout, ugh.

It was quite the productive couple of weeks

I’m also really loving Thibaut’s Tidewater Collection.  The colors works so well with everything.  I may have to splurge on some Euro pillows for the bed.

Now it’s time to play again. 
I’m trying to decide how high to go with the headboard. 
 Higher, lower, side rails, starburst above???
  Ahhhh too many questions in play.

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That is stunning! It looks like a Belgian antique!

I found you on MMS and am your newest follower!



Hi Andie,
Thanks so much for stopping by! We had so much fun distressing that piece, quite noisy too.
Is just love MMS, she is so talented.


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