Really, I am.  This little cupboard has incredible rustic, frenchy goodness.


I knew it would look great in a dusty, greenish, grey


It would fit perfectly in this lovely room.  I knew that dusty color would work!


Wouldn’t it make a sweet little tea cupboard?

I had to stop and play with it, though you can clearly see I’m still in the process of painting.


A little glaze to age it a bit.  How about some hooks for tea cups?

Don’t these french rooms make you want to put on your heels and a pretty dress?  or how about some lovely slippers and a sumptuous robe…

Decadent farmhouse!


I love the warmth of the baskets, chair, and cupboard interior.  I can think of so many places I’d like to hang this cupboard.    I love it with the Hobbit Chair!


I can see this chair in Frodo’s house, can’t you?  I’m told this is a spanish style.  I love it’s little hoove like feet.


The scallop adds oodles of charm.


 and the rusty patina of the Fleur de lis hardware is aged perfection!

french-cupboard-with table

Vive la France!

Head on over to Le Grillon Voyageur.  It’s truly a feast for the eyes!

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