treeI’m glad to say I’ve wrapped up the rest of my holiday decorating and am ready to sit back, relax and start the real wrapping!  It’s been gently snowing all day here in the Northeast and everything looks so gorgeous and sparkly.

Christmas-decor-2Don’t you just love decorating to your favorite holiday music ?  Have you heard the Holiday Rule album?  It’s a great little collection of holiday tunes.

holiday rule


My Husband asked me why a bunch of dusty old books are under the tree.

Does Santa bring dusty old books?  I had to set him straight and remind him of the Christmas Rules.

Rule 1 – Santa brings the presents so how could there be any under the tree before Christmas??

she and him.I also listened to some Zooey and M. Ward

Rule 2 – Santa can’t come if you don’t believe.


 You can overload on the Christmas Music so I had to switch it up here and there.  I love dancing around to the Andrew Sisters, Rum and Coca Cola.  It’s so much fun I  had to hit the repeat button a few times.


These guys look really cute from outside – They look like they could have a party all by themselves!


I am clearly in the Christmas mood.  Those are real snow (ice) flakes pelting me in the face.

christmas lr-1

I’ve got the perfect little dancing spot with room to sashay right into the front hall, ta da! life is good.

christmas hall1

Next on the hit parade was Candy Shop by Andrew Bird


I think I’ll stash some yummy treats in this box!


I found a spot for the vintage cake box I found.  It’s beat up and  so wonderfully rusty.


Rule 3 – Santa Wraps (really? What were you thinking Santa?)

christmas-decor-6You know we’ve lost a few friends this year.  I keep thinking how difficult it must be for the families this time of year especially.  I feel so very, very lucky to be alive with the snow falling and my dancing shoes on.



It’s so easy to get stressed and lose perspective.  If the Bell Ringers have time to ring the bell then I’ve certainly got time to chill and enjoy the day.

I must remember to have some bills ready for the ringers….





I didn’t really change out my regular mantel, just added the garland.  (shhh, I didn’t even dust, nope, didn’t do it)christmas-fireplace2


My good man Hercules will be wearing a silly hat by Christmas Day.



I think the takeaway for me this year was to have fun with it all.  I just threw all the colors on the tree and didn’t really worry about it too much.  I like it all mixed up.   It feels like home.nutcracker-tree

Everyone is kind of spooked by the Nutcracker on the lucite pedestal.  Come to think of it, I should put some lights in there, hmmm.   Didn’t I just say I was done, fini, acommpli…


Oh well I think it’s time to start some baking (though my backside doesn’t really need it!  eh, that’s what s New Year’s resolutions are for, right?).


 Snowy good and ready for company.

Rule 4 – Santa loves our furry friends.


 Hey Bandit was that the doorbell!





I hope you enjoyed my little tour – Merry Kringle everyone!

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