bundle of wood lathSo here it is the humble bundle of imperfect wood lath.  You can get this stuff from your local Lowes, Home Depot, or lumberyard.  If you’re lucky you can get some really awesome reclaimed wood lath from somewhere really cool, like Brooklyn or anywhere USA where they’ve done a rip out or knock down.  I never knew how AWESOME this stuff was until I saw the work of Jim Collier at Yellow Finch Antiques.  He makes so tres cool stuff from the really good stuff of course.  The aged, yellowed, tattered, stained torn out Brooklyn stuff.

reclaimed wood lathYou can make art out of it.   This one’s from ETSY and it could be yours!

Arielle AlaskoHow about the brilliant work of Ariele Alasko.  You must check out her website.  She is sooooo living the life I’d love.  A workshop, a pile of wood, a bunch of chisels!  Admiration with a CAPITAL A!

wood lath tablesThese tables are really cute via Pinterest (don’t know who made them).

designspongevia Design Sponge

wood lath headboardvia Wrafterbuilt.com


via DesignSkool.net

slat-tableThis is one of Jim’s tables where I got my initial inspiration.  Then I made the bench which I la la loved!

bench-with-lathThis is my new medium, wood lath!  Ok, well maybe this and spackle.  I just love spackle.  I’m 1/2 Italian and I’m convinced it’s in my blood.

Round-wood-lath-tableAnyway, I had the opportunity to fix up this cool little table that had a cracked marble top.  Don’t you just love the brass scalloped edging?  This is the thing about Vintage with a Capital V that I love.  This is the thing that makes a room special.  Sorry , it’s a vibe that’s just not available anywhere else.

wood-lath-table-3I’m crazy about it.  It’s so raw and organic and different and fun and interesting and AWESOME.


wood-lath-table-6You can tell I love it due to the numerous weird angled shots.

Wood Lath – I Love You.

 I will seek you out and keep my eyes open for great old scraps to be rescued.  I promise I won’t walk by leaving you unnoticed and I won’t turn up my nose because you’re a little dusty and crusty.  I will bundle you up in my arms and whisk you away to new spaces and places!  SWAK


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