I’m on a pillow streak and having a ton of fun coming up with fun pillows.  There are so many possibilities to play with though I think I’ll have to keep the Bob Dylan pillow for myself due to that little thing called copyright.

pillows-fencingMy sewing machine was zipping along all day yesterday as the snow gently fell outside.  I haven’t been doing much sewing since closing my drapery workroom and guess I was really just burnt out.  It’s a  different thing when you’re in full production mode sewing large complicated treatments.


They all have envelope backs for inserting an 18″ pillow form which run about $9 for a basic poly form.


HA! I love this one.  Not sure a real high-brow intellectual would like it but it’s the perfect gift for your average suburban recreational armchair intellectual.


I’m also digging horses lately and love this group of girls.


These dudes on pinstripe suiting are also quite charming.   These pillows are silly and all about fun.  Nothing serious here.


I’m also going to sew up a few linen pinafore jumpers to bring along to Yellow Finch today.

jumper b

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