I’ve got a little table which I think is just the bees knees.  Can you see it in a nursery? or family room or bedside?

Round Table

I think often times these tables are made too cute, too blue, or too white and chippy, and then they just end up looking way too colonial.

chalk paint diy

So I think it’s important to keep it neutral.    I’ve been working the paint colors to find the right shade.

neutral-colog-chalk-paintThese are all pretty neutral but slightly different.  One greyer, one greener, one tanner, one a little blue’r


Yes that’s fascinating mom, but I see you’re wearing your socks which means we’ll be going places…

So I looked at them in different light and am leaning towards


maybe with a bit more wax, we’ll see.  This table will work up quite nicely and quietly neutral with crusty old books….




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You are on to something, this table would be great in a soft neutral. I saw a similar table at Goodwill this past week but I had not vision of what it could look like until reading your post.
Thanks for the inspiration.


I love your blog title! so cute. Who could live without dogs?? Thanks for visiting me, I’m still struggling with this darn wordpress. I miss comments, and don’t know what I’m doing with the coding, yikes Thanks so much for visiting me!



I almost forgot to say how much I love your picture of your socks and the dog’s nose. Both made me smile.

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