Was all he had to say
when pressed about
the rest of it,
the world that is….
Andrew Bird

I was just putting the finishing touches
on my great, super fabulous, wonderrific, fantabulous Privacy Screen

I had just painted the last finial
and planted the last boxwood

and whoosh!

A tornado – poof!

Mother Nature reached her mighty
hand down and 

Crack, Snap, Twist

Nobody hurt – except the memory of all my hard work! 
boo hoo

We had just had such a nice
father’s day celebration right
here yesterday.
It was all so nice.

I’m so sad about
my mighty old man
mighty old oak
so majestic and tall

and the sister trees
holding hands thru time…

somehow my daughter’s car made it thru
with giant trees falling all around.

I smiled thinking of Pop Pop
watching over his, 
and now her car
saying no not a chance…
leave it alone!*&#

I had just wrapped up the final touches

stained the last finial.
Oh well,
that’s life.
Nobody hurt,
pick yourself up,
do it again.
prayers to those not
as lucky…

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Oh, I feel for you! The one and only tornado that came through these parts hit my property the hardest. I lost one of the oldest trees in the area that completely shaded my house. I still grieve for that tree. And, all your hard work on that beautiful privacy screen! Still, I’m glad no one was hurt.


Hi Maureen,
I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself today. I swear I’ve got about 100 hours of work in that poor fence. You are absolutely right about the tree, I do feel a sense of grief and loss. I loved that old tree but now the rest will have to come down too and leave a big hole to fill. I don’t mind the hard work but this is enough to bench a DIY girl for a bit.

I really appreciate your sympathy and you are so right about no one getting hurt and having some perspective!

Ladies start your chainsaws!


Oh Maryann I’m so sorry. I walked right past your house just that morning and was admiring your wonderful fence and all the hard work you put into it. Where did that storm come from – it was crazy! I’m so sorry for your tree too 🙁 it’s just so sad to see all those beautiful trees down – it’s amazing how much destruction Sandy and then this storm has caused and somehow your home and cars have always been spared – it does seem like you have an angel watching over you and your family.


Hi Joan,
That storm WAS crazy and came out of nowhere. Hope you didn’t have any damage. Funny thing is that my gnome house in the woods and my rescued $3 dogwood tree/twig are still standing amongst the rubble. I’ve been wanting to transplant some things I’d planted near the old oak. The only reason I haven’t started is to spare my husband from activity overload. He doesn’t thrive on change the way I do!

Sorry dear, now I have no choice and must move things so the town can do some tree work!

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