I always do this…begin with a clear vision in my head. 
 Then it hits, design A.D.D. 
The truth is, my personality thrives on a bit of A.D.D. chaos. 
I‘m just one of those people that needs a lot of creative chaos.  My husband btw is the opposite.  

I try to spare him by doing projects when he’s out of town.  The furrowed brow is too distracting for me. 

So here I am, slowly veering off course on my Rustic Glam Bedroom Makeover.
Case in pointNo sooner did I paint my armoire and then stumble upon this great grey paint finish.  Grey would go so nicely with shaker beige don’t ya think?

 via velvet & linen

In retrospect I should‘ve seen this coming.   The country blue was feeling a little too dear for me, a little too toddler somehow.  Well, I digress.  Back to design decisions and headboards.

I just couldn’t pass up this tweedy fabric at fabricguru.com.  It think it will ground things and add a masculine touch.

More than anything I’m really focused on doing the whole thing on a shoestring. 

  I guess, in the end that’s my real priority.
8 yards for $50 fits the budget

Headboard costs add up quickly with foam, wood, and nailheads.

Hopefully I’ll like the tweedy fabric.  It’s pretty basic and should fit in nicely.   Next step is planning the shape.  There are so many gorgeous inspiration headboards out there I just can’t decide

via  megliolabeal.com
This is crazy wonderful

Elizabeth Dinkel
I love the feminine feel to this simple white headboard

via Luxelivinginteriors.com  (crazy good portfolio to see!!!)
I have a similar situation in my room with one window and then a door to the side.  There’s not much room for a nightstand and it makes the whole wall look off balance.

via Rockville Interiors

Velvet Goodness, soft and quiet, yummm

via Simply Seleta

via Houzz
Neutral, relaxed solitude.  I could get this look with my tweed.

 Ashley Goforth

The construction on this one is divine. 
 Love the feet, or lack of feet!

Here’s my setup.  I jammed that extra fabric on the window to simulate the stationary roman to be added.  Please ignore that ugly fan to be replaced.

oh, and that door is the future entrance to my art and project loft.  Just another project waiting to happen!
When I finish the headboard I’ll make something like this for nightstands.    A great place to pile books, magazines, and a cup of coffee.  There are few things I like more than lounging with a book and a cup of coffee.
Ingrid Bed via Oly
  Anyway, I think I need to go high on the headboard to create a focal point which will detract from the door and window.  Ultimately I’ll plank this wall and paint it all one color which should also make it less choppy.

simple linen goodness

Southern Living Idea House
 This is so comfy and cozy looking. 

 Hello footboard!  This could look great in a tweed, hmmmm


Decisions, decisions…
Let’s see how many times I can change my mind before the fabric arrives at my door!

Annie Selkie

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