On my way to pick up my daughter from Bard College in Red Hook NY

I stopped at the famous VNA rummage sale that’s held twice a year in Far Hills, NJ
 I didn’t have much time and the lines were crazy


Being the true junker, thrifter, fix it enthusiast that I am I couldn’t very well just drive by without a quick stop.  The pull was too strong!
The sale is set up in tents and they collect items for practically an entire month before the sale

There’s a vintage tent with furniture items, toys of course, books, window treatments, clothing, electrical, framed art, china, etc.. You name it, they have a tent for it jammed with stuff!

Last year my friend Joan spotted Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar

image via Eddie Ross
 I don’t know if they made an appearance this year
I only bought one thing
but it was worth the stop.  
 I really bought it for the frame which is heavy and gorgeous.  By the time I got home I started to love the sweet needlepoint preserved so lovingly inside.

It was professionally framed behind glass and looks quite old.   I swear it glows when the light hits it.

It goes really well with my newly re-purposed tv armoire which will include more jewely storage on the doors.   I removed all the weird tv supports and added shelves inside.
 I received the velvet for my little vanity bench, mmm scrumptious!

To top it all off my daughter Alex and I went to see Andrew Bird, singer, violinist, whistler


at the Beacon Theatre!  We had such a great night.
 Here he is in London just days before we saw him.  
He’s a master on the violin with sweet, soulful style!  His music touches the heart of me and makes my brain fire in the most unexpected ways.
 Thank you Mr. Bird!

and he’s pretty darn cute too!
 …with Stephen Colbert

A most wonderful blissful weekend!

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I wish I would have known – because I was at the VNA too! Wasn’t fabulous this time – but I did manage to get a few things! Love your needlepoint and fab frame!

Sounds like a fabulous night with your daughter too!

Happy to follow.


I know, I thought the prices were high this time. I’ve been going since my kids were little and it seems the prices have gone way up. My friend Corinne was grabbing piles of junk jewelry to make into things – great idea! We should have a NJ blogfest! or blogapalooza!

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