Awesomized-SNOWWhat a gorgeous snowy morning it was yesterday.   It was so nice to relax at home with a fire going all day long.  Just goes to show ya, you’re never too old for a snow day.

via primrose garden

dog-prints snow-woods-2 snow-woods

Everything looks so magical in the snow.  The  towering trees sparkle in their enormity dwarfing bandit and I crunching in the snow.    Even the fallen soldiers (trees) look lovely in their snowy blankets.

snowy-weedsA sticker bush transformed with glasslike precision, diamonds everywhere…


reindeerI’m loving my reindeer.  I drew him up on some leftover plywood and cut him out with the jigsaw.

red-wood-reindeerHe’s about two feet wide and a little less tall.

I got the idea from the Etsy (where all good things come from).  If you don’t want to make your own I strongly suggest buying one of these little guys.


time to warm up – back home again

ah-menMy fence looks great, or would look great without those darn cans.

 Ah men, what kind of goggles do they wear??

ruining a perfect photo op like that!


A present arrived for your know who.


Seriously Bandit, you are so weird.

xmas-present-waiting-foreverBe warned ladies….this is what happens when your children grow up.

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If I were lost in the woods, I would certainly be thrilled to come upon that house at the end of them! It looks like there would be good warm things in there, and good warm people. I love the pup’s pawprints in the snow!

Happy birthday!!


Thanks sweetie, can’t wait till you come home!
Love Mom


What beautiful pictures! The one of the sticker bush is my favorite. I didn’t even recognize the trash cans. I may declare Fri a snow day here and just stay in all day in front of the fire.

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