I’m really loving this wonderful, yummy Cocoa color for, well….just about EVERYTHING.  In fact I seem to be stuck in a wonderful wintry palette and don’t want to leave.


I’ve painted several pieces in this warm griege shade and don’t see any point in stopping.  Just like case goods in warm natural woods these pieces create a consistent neutral backdrop for anything you put around them.  Look how nicely it goes with this lovely stone wall outside the store.   There are two of these camp style coco beds in the store, complete with headboard, footboard, and rails.

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This room’s stone fireplace and wonderful beams set the tone for a cozy wintry mix.

It’s a magical palette of warmth, cool, ice and fire.chair-top

I’ve also got a set of carved chairs in the works that will be upholstered in a super soft wool plaid.


Can’t wait to sand them down and finish up with a nice brown glaze .

winter's palette 5

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The color worked wonders on this sorry old dresser.  It has nice deep drawers but was such a mess in a sad dreary yellow green.


A little cocoa paint and some spiffy new hardware and you’ve got a slick new piece.   A client once told me she saw a color that was so good it made her want to lick the wall.   I think of that every time I find the perfect shade and it always makes me laugh.


 This shade is certainly pure YUM.

winter's palette 8


winter's palette 0

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winter's palette 6


I really like this functional, neutral, spiffy dresser and think it would look great in the toile bedroom above.

dresser and chair

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Hope you’re enjoying Winter’s Palette as much as I am…

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