It seems the older I get the more I desire a relaxed, natural, rustic  environment.  Simple is where it’s at for me lately.  Simple, as in the sound the fire makes when it’s crackling in front of me, simple as in the rustling of the trees when I’m walking along, simple as in the feel of the pages of a very good book between my fingers.


I guess I just don’t need much these days.

I like this description of how snowflakes form – As an ice crystal drops through the cloud it bumps and knocks others and becomes a snowflake.  This process of bumping others, along with a little melting and re-freezing aids the creation of their complex design.  Hmmm, kinda like life.


Well, that’s what I’ve been up to lately – bumping along and hammering, sawing, painting, staining….making.

For the snowflake I followed the wonderful instructions from My Altered State


I also made a little flock, or is it a herd, of reindeer.  Hmmm, they do fly so I guess either works.

bench with cushion

The little bench got it’s cushion and found a new home!


The booth got a  little holiday sprucing.

And I started a FUN retail window display project.  The base is a burlap backdrop with a mantel made from a wood pallet.

Bark Backdrop

Barkley's holiday backdrop

I plan to add some portrait silhouettes above the mantel, some greens and lights in the wood bin, and some baubles and a companion for Mr. Kitty to play with.


It should look something like this when all the decorations are added.

All ready for Santa Paws!

Barkley's holiday backdrop

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Maryann, I love the snowflake! It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing and passing it along. 🙂


Thank You so much for the wonderful instructions and video. I can’t wait to try different size flakes 🙂 and…It was a great excuse for me to go buy a brad nailer!

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